Bill and Kay,

Thanks for owning and operating such a fabulous outfit! Your lodge makes our adventures so much more enjoyable. No matter what condition we are in from our days ride or activity, you and your staff are always there to accommodate our needy group. Each and every time we come out there your cabins, lodge, and the new addition, make for a wonderful vacation destination! I look forward to staying with you many more times in the future! We can’t wait to come visit you!

Thanks, Rob and the Crew

Bill and Kay,

I just wanted to say that my experience at the Antlers was a great one. Bill took us on two rides, in which we had a blast. As you can see from the pictures on the site, the snow was coming over our hoods, there was so much of it. My group is looking very forward to coming back and having some more fantastic rides. You guys keep up the good work and we'll see ya soon!

Take Care – Mike Strickland

The antlers Lodge has been a very exciting place, Glenn and I always have a warm welcome when we arrive. We call it our home away from home. When we come, we have a great time and the snow is just awesome. The places you can go are just breathtaking. I know when Glenn had a couple of his friends stay at the Antlers, they just loved it and also plan to return. We will see you all this winter, the third one in a row. – Thanks for the hospitality.

Glenn Roberts and Tammy


Bill and Kay,

Thanks for all your effort to help make our trips to cooke more enjoyable your cabins are always clean, warm and comfortable with lots of hot water and having lots of cold beer and hot delicious pizza doesn't hurt either

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. LOL – looking forward to next years trips and relaxing in the hot tub at the end of the day. See ya then,

Lester and the gang


Bill and Kay,

Thanks for owning and operating such a great lodge and all your great hospitality! Every day we spend there is better than the last and we look forward to coming out every winter for years to come. The riding is truly second to none but the best days riding out there are definitely the Bill and Kay ride days! Keep up the great work and thanks again for all the great times.

Your friends – Scott and Tim Harnois


Bill and Kay,

Wanted to say thank you for making our trips to Cooke City both last year and this year a very memorable occasion. Never mind the stay at your place, the cozy cabins, the great hospitality and the hot tub experience with an adult beverage in a snow storm after a long day snowmobiling, in some of the most beautiful country in Montana. The nights in front of the big screen with a fire burning and good conversation with Bill about our days experience and what the next day will bring. Then you get up the next morning and hope Bill has the time to ride with you that day, and you will not forget that day, as you watch him ride, it is truly enjoyable. So in closing, Bill and Kay, thank you for making our trips to your home in Cooke City just that, a home away from home. See ya at first snowfall as we look forward to Christmas time this year at Antlers Lodge with the Whittles.

Your Friends Tracy, Adam and the Bratvold Family


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